Paul Huf photography 1936-1994 "in my house

In the afternoon of May 8th "essay on image/Paul Huf photography 1936-1994" in my house.Paul Huf's wife ms Bonny, exhibition planners, the Netherlands, European art, art consultancy xiao-ling Yang lady ,The Dutch trade promotion association Wuhan deputy representative ms Judy and Mr YuanFei.British consulate general in wuhan cultural education commissioner Orlando, Sir Edward Sino-British trade association on behalf of the wuhan Kang Yan lady. Wuhan international communication transmission center director Mr MeiWenQing guests attended the event.
The exhibition by the Dutch artist Paul huf 93 pieces of photography works, is divided into: social, surreal, fashion, crafts four parts.Paul huf (Paul Huf, 1924-2002) is the late famous Dutch artist, was a pioneer of the Dutch commercial photography.Their works were more Dutch national museum.His representative works include photos once the queen of the Netherlands and other celebrities;His album cover for philips the company took a set of valuable commercial images laid his modern commercial photography pioneer status(PHILIPS FAVOURITES (1956))."Craft masters" series successfully recorded the dedicated the Dutch with delicate craft of the Netherlands, works reflect the social consciousness and the function of identity has transcended the commercial photography, tend to the category of documentary photography.
Since 2014, my house is carried out with Jan van der Togt cooperation.The exhibition is the interactive cooperation within the framework of a culture. Aims to promote the friendship between China and the Netherlands, enhance Armstrong's Finn city and wuhan city folk art exchange, mutual trust and culture between the promotion and introduction of both local artists, guide the Dutch artist in the artistic creation of the benign interaction, and provide opportunities for mutual learning and exploration of art institutions.
"Essay on image/Paul retrospective Huf photography 1936-1994" from May 8 to June 7 in my hall 4, hall 5 free welcome to friends to come to the exhibition.