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The string - Lin Xin solo exhibition "opened in my house

On April 3 afternoon, sponsored by the wuhan art museum, hubei academy of fine arts "string - Lin hsin solo exhibition" in wuhan art gallery opening. This exhibition exhibits Lin hsin new creation of 12 paintings, 1 set of lighting device, a digital image sculpture, 1 set of three screen images, one art, 1 picture books, fully displaying the artist Lin xi shifts between different media's unique expression.
The show's new works and the exhibition of the difference is that it focuses on exploring some traits of electronic virtual relationship with our daily produced, with electronic program errors (bugs) to capture its trait, and each intervention program, and the errors of program visualization. Digital virtual will be unique, visual characteristics and imaging procedures for a variety of artificial broken and restructuring, it presents a specious scenery, specious. With the norm, this trait is like a "string" of existence.